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Metrovitalization© is a term that denotes a progressive approach to revitalizing communities through strategic and socially-conscious real estate development. Metrovitalization© is profitable real estate development that is also community focused, culturally oriented, quality centered, environmentally conscious, collaborative, innovative and sustainable. It incorporates the concept of “impact investing” – profitable investments that also create social and economic benefit to facilitate a dual advantage for real estate investors and developers, and for the communities they serve. 


 The Metrovitalization community is a free online portal that provides free open source tools for real estate investors, developers and aspiring developers that want to develop profitable projects while enhancing their communities.


The free tools include a video blog (“vlog”) packed with insightful and useful resources; numerous template documents, including financial pro forma spreadsheets, financing and funding plans, feasibility analysis templates, project planning documents, contracts, schedules, estimating tools, and such.


The Metrovitalization portal also provides a platform where real estate developers throughout the United States and the world can share their thoughts, experiences and resources for Metrovitalizing communities in their areas, for the benefit the Metrovitalization online community as a whole.


Ricky Trinidad (Founder) is the President of Metronomic, Inc., a real estate development company headquartered in Miami, FL. He is responsible for overseeing company operations and managing the planning, design, development, funding, construction, marketing, sales and property management for Metronomic's real estate development projects throughout various markets of South Florida and Illinois. 


Mr. Trinidad is an urban planning and real estate development expert with over 20 years of experience developing, managing and implementing a broad variety of real-estate projects both domestically and internationally. His portfolio includes planning and development of residential subdivision communities, town home development projects, infill mixed-use buildings in dense urban areas, retail plazas, recycling facilities, single family homes, multifamily projects, resort communities, indoor/outdoor sports facilities, tourism-oriented development and beautification projects, among many other real estate development projects.

Mr. Trinidad has a passion for developing sustainable projects that incorporate green building technologies and create significant social, economic and aesthetic impact within their environments. 

Prior to his position with Metronomic, Mr. Trinidad held management positions for various real estate development companies, including, Hispanic Housing Development Corporation, VoiceStream Wireless, and Nextel Partners.  He is the author of Build Correct: A Property Owner's Guide To Managing Any Construction Project and Avoiding Contractor Scams. The book was published in August, 2009.


Mr. Trinidad holds a Master’s of Urban Planning and Policy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a BS from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He is fluent in English and Spanish.


The Metrovitalization Community info@metrovitalization.com


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